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Looking Forward

A committed vision for Douglas County

Leading with conservative values, protecting our freedom and liberties- securing a strong community for future generations.

A True Conservative

Eager to serve Douglas County

Continue to put your trust in a tried and true conservative who is running to serve as commissioner versus ‘be a commissioner’

Experience Matters

Diane Holbert's Impact in Douglas County

Since taking office as Douglas County Treasurer, Diane has proven her experience makes her the ideal candidate for Commissioner

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Experience Matters

Douglas County residents and business owners deserve a leader who has a solid reputation of serving with excellence, is a critical thinker and asks the tough questions to achieve the best results. Governance is leadership in action and I have been blessed to represent Douglas County as a prominent leader in local government. As a Certified Treasury Professional, Fixed Income Practitioner and a Certified County Treasurer, I have unique expertise to bring Fiduciary Accountability and critical examination of the budgetary process and mill levy appropriation.

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Since Taking Office

As Douglas County Treasurer

  • Cut budget every year in office as your Treasurer

  • Successfully managed the County Investment Portfolio

  • Saved taxpayers 1 million dollars by paying callable debt.

  • Vice-Chair of $2 Billion public funds portfolio

  • Eased our tax burden by eliminating the short-term rental tax

  • Championed award winning open data and digital platforms.

  • Redefined transparency in Douglas County by partnering with our municipalities.

  • Serve on Treasurer Stapleton’s and City of Aurora Investment Advisory Board

  • Degree in Economics, Certified Treasury Professional



TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018

Drop Off Ballot Information

Ballots must be placed in the ballot box by the close of polls at 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Postmarks do not count. For drop-off locations and details, please visit DouglasVotes.com

Diane walks the talk. Trusted. Respected. Accomplished. Credible. Service above self.

Diane Holbert has the vision, the integrity, the commitment, and the leadership, to do what is right for Douglas County.  She has demonstrated her belief in “government as a service” through her ability, among many things, to work collaboratively for government transparency while in her role as Douglas County Treasurer. Citizens already benefit from the progress made through the open data initiative and the new Douglas County Partnership Portal, in addition to the responsible fiscal management of the Treasurer’s office.

Diane is the right candidate for our next Douglas County Commissioner.

Renee Anderson