Her supporters have been many

As Douglas County Treasurer, Diane has earned support from many. The list of those who endorse Diane Holbert’s vision of running for Douglas County Commissioner continues to grow. 

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  • Renee Anderson

  • Congressman Tom Tancredo

  • Hank Coll

  • Dave DiFolco

  • Lisa Frizell

  • Diane Gould

  • Brigitte Grimm

  • John Lefebvre

  • Nick Lobello

  • Jeff McDaniel

  • Michelle Miller

  • Stu Parker

  • Richard Rogers

  • Meredith Rudolph

  • Morris Shepard

  • Sue Sandstrom

  • Darren Weekly

  • & many more!

I am writing to declare my unequivocal support of Diane Holbert for Douglas County Commissioner.  I have known Ms. Holbert for five years.  She and I serve together in a Christian organization.  All of those in leadership in this organization commit a great deal of time serving others and receive no pay for their efforts. My support is based on two issues that I see sorely missing from politics today:  integrity and selfless service. Sadly, the virtue of integrity has become optional in our political system.   We see the fruition of this today with problems not only with our elected officials, but also with those in the judicial and law enforcement areas. When you work closely with someone for five years, you know whether or not they have integrity.  I know that Ms. Holbert does. The next virtue that I see in Ms. Holbert is that of a selfless servant.  Her life is incredibly full:  a mother of children still at home; Treasurer of Douglas County; devoted wife to a husband who serves in the Colorado Senate.  Yet, in spite of all of these demands, she still finds the time to lead a group of women in the Christian organization in which we both participate.  Our political system works best when it is comprised of servant leaders.  Again, I know that Diane Holbert has the heart of a servant. Integrity and selfless service.  What else could one ask for in a County Commissioner?

Richard Rogers

I am pleased to endorse Diane Holbert for Commissioner. I have worked with her professionally for over 7 years, in her roles as leadership in the Treasurers Association, CCTA, and vice-chair of C-SAFE a 2 Billion dollar public funds management firm. Diane does not hesitate to take on challenges and follow them through to the end. She is proactive in taking into consideration other viewpoints and works collaboratively to ensure a successful outcome. She exemplifies service above self and will make a great Commissioner.

Sue Sandstrom, Arapahoe County Treasurer

Diane walks the talk. Trusted. Respected. Accomplished. Credible. Service above self.

Diane Holbert has the vision, the integrity, the commitment, and the leadership, to do what is right for Douglas County.  She has demonstrated her belief in “government as a service” through her ability, among many things, to work collaboratively for government transparency while in her role as Douglas County Treasurer. Citizens already benefit from the progress made through the open data initiative and the new Douglas County Partnership Portal, in addition to the responsible fiscal management of the Treasurer’s office.

Diane is the right candidate for our next Douglas County Commissioner.

Renee Anderson

I have worked professionally with Diane Holbert for over seven years. During her tenure she has served as Co-Chair of the Legislative Committee, a cycle as President and a long-term Board member for the Colorado County Treasurers Association (CCTA). We have worked on many legislative efforts but her efforts on updating the investment statutes were some of her most important work. Her degree in Economics and past private sector business experience brought tremendous insight to her work. Diane listens to people and makes intelligent well-informed decisions. Diane presided over a major upgrade to the Douglas County Treasurer’s system software. She devoted staff, as well as her own time, over many months to collaboratively make significant improvements to the new system. Her contributions advanced not just the office of the Douglas County Treasurer’s office but her service to our organization created a more professional statewide Treasurer’s Association. When I consider her contributions to the CCTA the additional key words that come to mind are: thoughtful, honest, level headed, straightforward and integrity. She will be greatly missed.

John Lefebvre

Diane is a consummate leader. I’ve seen her lead on multiple issues for various organizations. She continually moves initiatives forward and engages others to further the mission at hand. Diane’s management style is positive and encourages all to participate. Her ability to quickly grasp all sides of an issue and consider the impacts sets her above most others.

Tim Kauffman, Jefferson County Treasurer

I had the pleasure of working with Diane for the past 8
years.  In that 8 years, she inspired me and everyone she worked
with.  She has vision, passion, is committed to every role she
takes and always has a citizen-centered approach in everything she
does. Her ownership of every role was beyond impressive as she
worked tirelessly for the Treasurer’s Association
and the Douglas County Treasurer’s office.  Her leadership style
is collaborative, inclusive, and solution based. She gets the job done! Because of Diane’s experience in the private sector, public
sector, a degree in Economics, and her credential as a CTP (Certified Treasury Professional), she became the “go to” person for
legislative, investment, and innovative advice. She is smart,
driven, a visionary, forward thinking, trusted, and works until the job is
done. Diane’s experience matters! Her determination is undeniable! Her proven results are unmatched! The citizens benefit greatly to have Diane as their County Commissioner. Her leadership means Douglas County wins! 

Brigitte Grimm, Adams County Treasurer

As a fifty year veteran of law enforcement and your Former Sheriff of Douglas County for twenty, I see Diane as the only one I would trust supporting our law enforcement. Recent tragic national events show us that only a well trained, well equipped and community responsive agency can manage these safety and social problems. effectively. Remember, urban, suburban and rural communities are not immune. Therefore, I support Diane and I hope you do as well. Think of what is really important as you cast your vote. 

Stephen Zotos

Never before in my 34 years as a registered republican has a candidate for any office contacted me personally to ask for my vote. Diane changed that today. As a businessman, fighting every day for my family and their future, I am beyond impressed with Diane taking that extra step and proving to me she is willing to work harder and smarter than the other candidates. She has earned my respect and support. Vote for Diane Holbert!

Jeff McDaniel

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